Signature Concepts

Rhonda Allison Signature Concepts are intended to strengthen education and support YOU in becoming an expert. Importantly, we want you to achieve the results your clients expect, developing a facial or peel, and the best suited home care products to address particular skin conditions with confidence. 

Rhonda Allison understands the combination of results and education when it comes to the success of your business.  We have created Signature Treatments for many years to help our clients with their yearly marketing campaigns by offering a results-driven treatment that goes above and beyond our standard corrective facials. 

The design of the Signature Concept was to take the Signature Treatment and add an educational aspect.  This helps expand the licensed professional’s education and knowledge when treating specific skin types or conditions, while offering their clients that stellar treatment using the most sophisticated, intelligent ingredients for optimal results.    

  • Acne Remedies


    Our RA Clinical Approach
    REDUCE BACTERIA & INFLAMMATION – Bacteria leads to the formation of acne lesions. These lesions increase inflammation and the risk of potential infection. Incorporating ingredients like salicylic acid, green tea extract and totarol will help reduce bacteria and inflammation in the skin. 

    INCREASE CELLULAR EXFOLIATION –  Increasing exfoliation will help regulates cellular turnover and reduces build-up, increase oxygenation to help inhibit bacteria growth. Enzymes, scrubs, and acids are all ingredients formulated to promote exfoliation.  

    SUPPORT WOUND HEALING – Rhonda Allison treats acne lesions as a cellular wound. If a wound is left untreated, this may increase bacteria and permanent scarring can occur. Through the use of Epidermal Growth Factors, Vitamin E and other potent healing ingredients, we can reduce the risk of scarring and ensure proper wound healing. 

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  • CBR

    The Compromised Barrier Repair concept was developed with the understanding that a healthy barrier is the first line of defense when it comes to skin wellness. 

    Compromised barrier function is more prevalent than ever before due to the overuse of prescription-strength topicals, overuse of AHA’s, excessive or extreme professional treatments, skin and immune system disorders, as well as the environment we live in today. 

    It is vital to understand the function of the barrier and its importance. The stratum corneum protects the skin from environmental toxins, UV rays, bacteria, and trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) which can create dehydration. When the barrier is compromised your skin will be more prone to inflammation, irritation, infection and other sensitivities.

    Repairing the barrier function is not an easy task but an important one for licensed professionals.  Using the right combination of ingredients to decrease inflammation and sensitivities, increase hydration and lipid levels within the skin is needed to restore the barrier function and bring skin back to its optimal health. Rhonda Allison developed two protocols to target those suffering from compromised barriers in our CBR Facial and CBR Peel as well as a home care regimen using some of the most skin strengthening ingredients available today!  

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  • Minus 10

    Looking for the “Fountain of Youth” to bring results to aging skin?

    Our Minus 10 concept was developed to address the causes and facets of aging such as depletion of antioxidants and cellular energy, loss of lipids and hydration and of course the decrease in cellular turnover resulting in the decline in collagen and elastin. 

    With the use of intelligent ingredients that communicate to your cells - peptides, antioxidants, retinoids, anti-glycation, omegas and many other sophisticated ingredients we are able to not only slow down the aging process but restore skin to the state it was when we were younger! 

    Our most corrective facial to date is the Minus 10 which leaves the skin exfoliated and hydrated, infused with nutrients and ingredients to rejuvenate from the cellular level.  We also offer the Minus 10 Peel Collection and of course no program would be complete unless incorporating only the best for home care in our Minus 10 Youthful Skin Retail Collection.

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  • Skin of Color

    Rhonda Allison has been treating skin of color since the mid 90’s. We decided to focus on this concept due to the increased diversity we see today.  

    Understanding the common skin concerns when working with skin of color and mixed ethnicities is the first step in achieving results. Pigmentation, inflammation, and sensitivities, increase in cellular build-up, nourishment due to UV exposure, and impaired barrier function can all be seen when working with skin of color.

    Rhonda Allison developed our Skin of Colour Facial and Peel protocols to address these commonalities and deliver a result-driven change with the first visit! Using our sophisticated lineup of ingredients in both the treatment room and in our retail recommendations any, licensed professional can feel confident when treating skin of color.

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