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Treatments for Rehydrating Dry Skin

Dry skin is an uncomfortable condition as well as a culprit in aging skin. When the skin is depleted of hydration, it loses elasticity, plumpness and ...More

Why and How Does the Skin Age?

Why and How Does the Skin Age?  Yes, aging is just part of the cycle of life – there’s no ...More

In Bloom Ingredient Spotlight: Lotus Flower

Spring is just around the corner and flowers are in bloom – in the garden and in the treatment room. Since spring is about renewal it’s ...More

Why are Next-Generation Peptides so Powerful?

As many of you may know, we released our new Peptide 38 a couple weeks ago with a powerhouse ingredient lineup of next-generation peptides, antioxidan...More

Pt 2: The Key to Bright, Youthful Eyes

In last week’s blog post I wrote about effective ingredients for treating the eyes – those that help brighten, tighten and reduce lines. ...More

Pt 1: The Key to Bright, Youthful Eyes

When was the first time you noticed them?  Those fine lines forming around the eyes that seem to have appeared out of nowhere.  I have not ...More

Ingredient Spotlight: Peptides

What comes to mind when you think of the term “digestion”? For most of us, it’s the breaking down of food, but this action is not ...More

Is Your Skin Care Regimen Intelligent?

Is intelligent skin care part of your 2011 resolution? Each year many of us rededicate ourselves to health and fitness. We scour information ...More

Finding the Ocean of Youth

We’re always searching for that infamous fountain of youth, when we really ought to be turning our attention to something much larger: the ocean...More

EGF: A Must Have For Youthful Skin

One thing time has not changed, is our desire to have and maintain younger, more vibrant looking skin. Many discoveries have been made that lead us ...More
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