How to Treat Skin Impacted by Melasma

Age spots, brown spots, dark patches…melasma is a skin condition with many monikers. Though it is most commonly known as “age spots.&rdqu...More

Pt 2: How to Celebrate Skin of Colour this Year

As I mentioned in the last post, there is often unease in the treatment room when ...More

How to Celebrate Skin of Colour this Year

There is often trepidation when it comes to working with skin of varying ancestries in the treatment room for the simple fact that every skin comes ...More

How A Pigmentation Spot Forms

Hyperpigmentation is a common challenge in the treatment room. One question we get frequently, is how exactly do spots and demarcations form? ...More

Summer Skincare: How to Repair Sun-Related Aging

When we’re young we think we’re invincible. Many of us likely spent hours outdoors – poolside, at the beach, or playing sports &ndas...More

Summer Skincare Pt 2: Healing and Repairing Sunburns

Despite our best efforts to keep our clients’ skin shielded from damaging UV rays, sunburn every once in a while is inevitable, particularly if ...More

Summer Skincare: How to Beat the Brown Spots

By now everyone is well aware of the sun’s damaging effects and you’ve likely had the “importance of sun protection” talk with...More

How to Treat Hyperpigmented Skin

We all strive for bright, glowing, radiant skin, but unfortunately many of us battle some level of hyperpigmentation. It is not a skin type, rather ...More

Ingredient Spotlight: L-Arbutin and Daisy Flower

With the great hydroquinone (HQ) debate recently resurfacing, I thought it as good ...More

The Great HQ Debate: To Use or Not to Use

Hydroquinone (HQ) has long been used by cosmeceutical companies large and small in lightening and brightening formulas as a way to correct pigmentatio...More
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