Techniques for Repairing Compromised Barrier

Compromised barrier is more prevalent than ever before. Are you prepared to help your clients recover from it? The environment, overuse of harsh skinc...More

Create the Perfect Non-Invasive Springtime Facelift

Weather is warming, flowers are beginning to bloom, and bright colors have started to immerge again. Yes, renewal and re-youth are in the air and like...More

Take Time Off the Ticking Clock in 2015

Another year is in the books, and a fresh one has begun – full of promise and possibility. As you set new goals and look ahead to how you want ...More

Reform the Body this Summer Pt 1

Part One: Rejuvenate Noninvasively in the Treatment Room  Summer is nipping at our heels, and some parts of the country are already experiencing...More

Give Your Clients Happy Skin with Springtime Treatments

Though it may not seem like it for certain parts of the country, spring has officially arrived. Flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer and ...More

Peels & Skin Cancer Prevention

Peels have become one of the premier treatments for anti-aging, pigment reduction, rosacea and acne control, but did you know that new research shows ...More

How to Host a Peel Party to Boost Business

Summer is winding down and many people are settling back into the routine of the daily grind. This time of year clients often look for quick escapes ...More

Chemical Peels: Technique and How it Impacts the Results

Last week I discussed peeling agents and their applications, and while the formula makes a major impact on the result, technique will override the eff...More

Chemical Peels: Peeling Agents and Their Applications

Last week I wrote about the myths and truths of skin peeling, briefly touching on the different types of peeling agents available in the professional ...More

Chemical Peels: What is Fact and Fiction

I consider acid peeling more than just a science; it’s an art form. As such, learning an art evolves with understanding and experience. Anyone ...More
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