How to Build a Skin Care Program for Your Triathlete Clientele

With more than 500,000 people competing in triathlons annually (and that number continues to grow), chances are many of your clients are triathletes. ...More

How to Get Your Male Clientele Ready for Movember

You’ve likely heard of the growing movement called Movember that takes place every year. More than ­­­­one million men (Mo ...More

What We Can Learn from Our Grandfathers About Shaving

Did our grandfathers know something we didn’t about shaving? They just might have. Proper shaving method truly has become a lost art. Somehow ...More

Mining for Gold

As an educator for Rhonda Allison, I often run into business owners, anxious to increase their client base. New clients are an important part of build...More

The Skin Care Gift Guide for Men

Is it just us or is this month flying by at warp speed? The holiday season is officially here and it’s time to start gathering gifts for friends...More

How Testosterone Affects the Booming Male Skin Care Market

The number of men seeking cosmetic procedures continues to rise annually and as skin care professionals work to bolster their palette of services to ...More

Tapping into Father’s Day and Men’s Health Month

It seems June is all about men. It is Men’s Health Month, Father’s Day is June 19 and June 13-19 is Men’s Health Week! We ...More

Are You Responding to the Boom in Male Personal Care?

You may have noticed the explosion in the male personal care market lately (the Old Spice commercials took the Internet by storm). Beyond comedic comm...More

How to Address the Different Skin Needs of Men

Does a man’s skin differ enough from a women’s to require their own skin care treatments? Yes and no. Many of the time-proven, effective ...More

Bye Bye Foam - Hello Gel

Ask any man what his top daily annoyances  are, and shaving will undoubtedly be near the top of the list. It’s not so much the process or ...More
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