The Rarely Known Compound with Significant Impact

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10 Ingredients for 2015 to Erase 10 Years

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104 Unknown Ingredients of Pumpkin

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Ingredient Intelligence: Albizia Julibrissin / Persian Silk Tree

A beautiful name with an equally beautiful benefit, the Persian silk tree (INCI: albizia julibrissin) or Mimosa as it’s ...More

Can Probiotics Boost Skin Health?

Probiotics have been all the rage in digestive health the last few years. We know they are the “good bacteria” typically found in yogurt ...More

What Oils are Essential in the Treatment Room?

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What is the Anti-Glycation Buzz About?

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Mix and Mask

Nothing makes me happier than standing in my kitchen, staring at my cupboard or refrigerator, and combining what I have on hand to create ...More

Top Autumn Ingredients for Beautiful Skin

Though the official start of autumn is still a couple weeks away, most of us already have cooler weather and the warm colors of fall on the mind. It&r...More

How to Help Clients Tone Up the Skin this Summer

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