Boost Moisture with Hydrating Serums

Beach vacations, exposure to excessive heat and long days spent outside can not only deplete the skin of vital hydration, but also expose it to damagi...More

Ingredient Spotlight: Mandelic Acid

Almonds have been winning accolades for their nutritional value for quite some time now, but beyond nourishing the body from the inside, they also sup...More

Rejuvenation in Your Makeup Bag: Taking Healthy Skin to the Finish Line

Consumers have become more ingredient aware than ever before. They’re now more diligent about understanding what is in their serum and sun prote...More

Boosting Your Business and Skin Care with Summer Essentials

Between travel and having to contend with the kids being out of school, many clients simply don’t make it into the treatment room as often. As ...More

10 Ingredients to Resuscitate Compromised Barrier

The skin barrier serves an important role in protecting us from toxins, bacteria, infection, and other DNA-damaging elements. Today, however, compromi...More

How to Get the Most out of Vitamin A

Vitamin A – it’s an ingredient that tends to be overlooked and in some cases avoided when it comes to addressing aging or compromised skin...More

How to Treat Skin Impacted by Melasma

Age spots, brown spots, dark patches…melasma is a skin condition with many monikers. Though it is most commonly known as “age spots.&rdqu...More

Ingredient Intelligence: Encapsulated Retinaldehyde

We’ve long known the benefits of retinoids in skin care and have used them in the treatment of acne and skin re-youth programs. As beneficial ...More

Freezing Peptides and How They Work

No, freezing peptides are not frozen, nor do they work to cool or chill the skin. These dynamic peptides actually “freeze” or inhibit musc...More

Celebrate Earth’s Essential Minerals In The Treatment Room

Though we may use them on nearly a daily basis, we tend to take for granted some of the quintessential elements the Earth provides us. Many of these ...More
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