5 Ways to Boost Treatment Results

Like a snowflake, no two skins are the same. There are many contributing factors that impact the condition of a skin  –– lifestyle, ...More

How to Enhance Facials with Cocktails

Can cocktails enhance the treatment room experience? No. It’s not a trick question and most of you reading this likely know the cocktails we’r...More

Show Off Your Talents in the National Face-Off Competition

Between travel and having to contend with the kids being out of school, many clients simply don’t make it into the treatment room as often. As ...More

Your Top Questions Answered

As many of you know, here at Rhonda Allison, we’re all about education. We love when aesthetic professionals ask us questions about the skin, bu...More

Techniques for Repairing Compromised Barrier

Compromised barrier is more prevalent than ever before. Are you prepared to help your clients recover from it? The environment, overuse of harsh skinc...More

Show Off Your Talents in the National Face-Off Competition

Acid peeling is not just a science, it’s an art. And learning ...More


Knowing how to effectively utilize advanced modalities in the treatment room has become an essential part of the aesthetic practice. Demand for pro-yo...More

How to Take Scrubs to the Next Level

Are you getting the most from your facial scrub? We know and love scrubs for their exfoliating, softening, and deep-cleaning properties, but by blendi...More

Pt 2: How to Celebrate Skin of Colour this Year

As I mentioned in the last post, there is often unease in the treatment room when ...More

Top 5 Ways for Your Clients to Go Make-Up Free

The “no makeup movement” began several years ago, but occasionally is brought back into the spotlight in a big way. For instance, when the...More
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