5 Ways to Boost Treatment Results

Like a snowflake, no two skins are the same. There are many contributing factors that impact the condition of a skin  –– lifestyle, ...More

3 Ways to Unlock The Power of Pumpkin This Fall

After months of fun in the sun, fall ushers in a new season of treatments and products to replenish dry summer skin. And while we can’t resist ...More

How to Enhance Facials with Cocktails

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Boost Moisture with Hydrating Serums

Beach vacations, exposure to excessive heat and long days spent outside can not only deplete the skin of vital hydration, but also expose it to damagi...More

The Case for a Retail Sales Strategy (Pt 2): Shifting Your Mindset

As we touched on in our previous post, developing a game plan for your retail sales can help you boost your revenues, deepen client loyalty and even i...More

The Case for a Retail Sales Strategy (Pt 3): The Foundations of Selling

Photo Credit: The Sugared Belle, @thesugaredbelle on Instagram In parts one and two of this blog post series, we established why ...More

The Case for a Retail Sales Strategy (Pt 1): 3 Benefits of Selling Beyond Revenue

The art of sales doesn’t come naturally to most, and particularly for those of us in nurturing type industries like aesthetics. For many, it fee...More

Protecting Acne Skin During the Summer Months

We’ve talked a lot about how to support acne skin this year, focusing on reducing acne and inflammation, increasing cellular exfoliation, and ...More

Ingredient Spotlight: Mandelic Acid

Almonds have been winning accolades for their nutritional value for quite some time now, but beyond nourishing the body from the inside, they also sup...More

How to Advance Your Practice (or Business): Part 1 - Education

Deep knowledge is one of the foundational elements to attracting new clients and retaining them over the long term. When you’re able to demonstr...More
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