Committed to Uncompromised Skin Care


Our vision is to bring awareness to consumers about skin education and it's potential to transform not only the skin itself, but to awaken the inner beauty in all of us.

Consumer Awareness

To that end, we at Rhonda Allison are dedicated to offering only the purest quality product. To ensure your product is authentic, please purchase through one of the following authorized dealers:

Licensed skincare professionals
Plastic surgeons
Medical spas


Consumers need to be aware that if they purchase from an institution such as eBay or Amazon, or persons not listed in the authorized section above, their product may be diluted, expired or counterfeit. Such product may not be safe to use or perform as tested and Rhonda Allison will not take responsibility for the purchaser's dissatisfaction. When Rhonda Allison products are sold through any other means than an "authorized" partner (such as those listed above), these places are considered "diverted" and constitute a high risk to the consumer.

To find a retail location near you, use our RA Locator.

Ingredient Awareness

Packing Information

We at Rhonda Allison are dedicated to offering the purest, quality skin nutrition for daily home use and the most effective, safe, result-oriented professional treatments available. Always looking to nature for inspiration, Rhonda blends the best of active natural ingredients with highly beneficial, scientifically developed compounds to create a synergy of superior professional treatments and customized home care products that will transform the condition of your skin.

Due to the nature of these highly specialized, delicate formulas, many of our products require protection from air and external contaminates. We have chosen our current twist-up airless packaging to provide this level of protection. The design of this packaging allows instant access to the product inside with a simple twist. The pumps are strong and with use, will remove nearly 100% of the contents of the bottle. However, it is extremely important to re-twist to close after use. This will prevent damage to the pump should an open container fall from a counter and land upside down.

Additional benefits to this specialized packaging include:

Prevents possible contamination from external sources
Allows for an extended shelf life without having to resort to harmful preservatives
Offers ecological benefits since there is no waste of product

At Rhonda Allison, we realize that clients want the highest quality product for the entire length of its use while being able to utilize every drop of product – and airless packaging helps guarantee that long-term integrity. In the rare instance you should experience any performance issues with your Rhonda Allison packaging, please report it immediately to your retailer.

Using our twist-up airless packaging for the first time? Here is the three step process on how to get the product moving :

STEP 1: You will need to “prime” the dispenser. Turn the bottle upside-down and tap it against the palm of your hand several times. 
STEP 2: Pump the dispenser slowly (this could be up to 20 times) while still upside-down. 
STEP 3: Once the pump starts dispensing product, you may pump right-side up as normal. If at any time your dispenser stops working, simply repeat the priming process above.

Note: Some RA IllumiColour products may take longer to prime (up to 50 pumps).


The planet is one we must all take care of. We at Rhonda Allison are environmentally aware of our planet and endeavor to GO GREEN whenever possible.

All of our tubes, cleanser/lotion bottles and plastic/glass jars are 100% recyclable.

Our airless packaging is mostly recyclable depending on the rules governing your local municipality. We recommend taking the airless bottle apart (pull off the silver cap and collar, twist up the inner and remove) and put all parts in your recycling bin. Your waste management company will handle the rest.

If no recycling programs are available in your area, you may send us your empty packaging and we will recycle for you. Just mail via FedEx or UPS to:

Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises
Attn: Recycling Department
1200 Mustang Dr., Ste. 400
Grapevine, TX 76051